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DNA PATERNITY TESTING identify your family NOW

Frequently Asked Questions about your DNA Test

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USA MOBILE has testing sites or we can come to you, even in the maternity ward

A Paternity test is extremely accurate and confidential. The results are determined through DNA TtTting of the child, mother and alleged father.  A paternity test can be performed without testing the mother, however it does reduce the statistical value.  When it is not possible to test an alleged father, paternity can be established indirectly by testing grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, etc.


Aren’t all DNA Paternity tests the same?

No, far from it!  USDAMDT has the most advanced DNA test available anywhere in the world, testing 16 genetic markers called “alleles.”  Other companies that provide this specialized test typically charge almost twice what we do.  Remember, this is probably the most important test your child will ever have.  You have to be confident that it’s accurate, and with a USAMDT test you can be sure. All tests are legal court admissible using an accredited lab.  Paternity results can be used for child support, child custody, inheritance, immigration, social security benefits, military survivor benefits and peace of mind.

How soon will I get my results?
Results are typically released two business days after the lab receives your specimens*.  For example, if you had your DNA collected on a Monday, the lab receives your samples on Tuesday (via Fed Ex) and results are released two days later–on Thursday.   Here’s a chart with expected release dates (assuming your DNA sample was collected before the Fed Ex deadline of 5:00PM).  Most results are reported late in the day.

DNA Collection Date Day Results are Reported
Monday Thursday
Tuesday Friday
Wednesday Following Monday
Thursday Following Tuesday
Friday Following Wednesday
Saturday/Sunday Following Thursday


* There are rare circumstances when additional allele testing may be required, which may delay your test results.
Can I get my results sooner?

Yes!  You can actually get them the very next day.  If you had your DNA collected Monday – Thursday, you can get your results the very next day for an additional charge.  If you had it collected on a Friday, we can even get your results on Saturday for an additional charge.  We know these options are extremely expensive, so if you can wait a few days, save your money!  Important:  You must let us know immediately if you want overnight service.






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