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How Does A DNA Paternity Test Work?

DNA TestingMedia outlets broadcast the increase in paternity cases on a daily basis. From top music icons such as Justin Bieber to your everyday Joe, more people are finding a need for DNA paternity testing. With the rise in litigation cases regarding paternity, there has been a growing demand for testing as well. Although paternity testing can be used for various purposes such as assess the medical history of an individual, paternity testing is commonly used to determine the biological father of a child.

How Does A DNA Paternity Test Work?

There are many components associated with paternity testing to obtain guaranteed results. In order for the test to be processed, it requires samples from all parties involved, testing can be done on only the father and child, but it is strongly encouraged to include the mother as a sort of base line. Samples are taken from the inside of the cheek, known as a bucal swab.  The samples are then submitted to a laboratory for analysis to identify and confirm the biological parents of the child. At the completion of the assessment, test results become available typically within five days of submission to the testing lab. 

DNA paternity testing is highly recommended as it provides the most accurate results. Most DNA paternity tests guarantee a 99.9% accuracy rate. In addition to this, labs typically incorporate duplicate testing to ensure accuracy and further assure the reliability of your test. 

Inaccuracy of Results – Different laboratories will guarantee varying accuracy rates. Although most labs certified by the American Association of Blood Banks or the National Association for DNA Collection and Management guarantee results that are 99.9% accurate, it is important to be aware of labs that guarantee less than 99.9% accuracy and the risk this may pose.

Parents, legal entities, and medical practitioners are taking action in establishing paternity. Understanding the dynamics of DNA paternity testing will assist with increasing awareness and addressing concerns, thereby enhancing the value of this testing measure.



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