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A personal statement from an Opiate user turned Heroin addict

Opiates? I have been prescribed opiates for 15years and I never had problems with them or got “High” from them – I strickly took them for severe back pain and RA.

But 3 years ago, at the age of 37 I decided to try Heroin…. My life has never been the same!

Heroin unlocks a door that can never be closed! I am not your typical drug addict – I have 3 college degrees including a masters degree and I great job! I never tried drugs before…. EVERYDAY I regret my decision to ‘try’ Heroin…. I dont know what the right or wrong answer is or what causes some people to be Opiate Addicts… But it can happen to anyone! Trust Me!

I dont want to do drugs everyday – I HATE IT! But there is something that Herion changed in my brain and it just calls my name. I take them just to take them – I dont even get high anymore. I was able to quit once for a few months… but it came calling again.

Please look up the stats – There is a 95% Failure rate to stay clean AND Millions of people in this country are stuck fighting this! Rehabs/AA dont really help with powerful opiates. I pray that the govt does some more research and come up with something to help us win the battle over Opiates! But the drug companies make so much money off of the scripts! Maybe they can start by reforumulating the legal meds cuz more than 50% of Opiate Addicts are on Legal Scripts (Ex: Vicdin, Oxycontin)… We need to do more research on dopamine and how the brain handles opiates…… Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired!

Found posted on a website,this is a true personal statement.

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