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What is a Consortium? Should you consider joining one for your random drug testing?


Did you know that if you hold a CDL license and are required to operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) greater than 26,000 CGVWR, or you are transporting more than 16 passengers, or you are hauling placarded hazardous materials of any kind on the public roadways, you must be DOT drug and alcohol pre-employment tested? The FMCSA has ruled that no employer shall allow a driver to perform a safety-sensitive function until they have received a negative result of that test. “Safety-sensitive function” means all time from when a driver begins to work or is required to be in readiness to work until he/she is relieved from work and all responsibility for performing work.

You are also required to be part of a random testing selection pool. This pool must randomly test drivers who perform safety-sensitive functions at a minimum annual percentage rate of 10% for alcohol and 50% for controlled substances. All drivers must have an equal chance of getting tested and cannot be forewarned of selection.

Random testing for DOT drug and alcohol testing programs is required.  For smaller companies a Consortium easily manages the random drug/alcohol testing. There is no minimum or maximum number of drivers to be in a consortium.  In fact, a one driver company must be in a consortium.

Currently USA Mobile Drug testing of  Central Long Island can sign up the small trucking and bus companies and enroll them into our consortium. This consists of companies throughout the USA. Call or email us for more information on how this can help you with compliance.

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