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Lower health insurance premiums by instituting smoke free employees

USA Mobile Drug Testing not only offers a drug free work place, but testing for nicotine usage to help reduce high insurance premiums.  Many companies are enforcing smoke free employees, offering incentives to stop smoking thus lower premiums, and testing their staff to ensure they maintain their non-smoking status. 

Nicotine or its primary metabolite cotinine are most often tested to evaluate tobacco use. Long-term use of tobacco products can increase the risk of developing many diseases including lung cancerCOPDstrokeheart disease, and respiratory infections, or exacerbate asthma, and blood clot formation. In pregnant women, smoking can retard fetal growth and lead to low birth weight babies.

Because use of tobacco products can greatly affect the health of individuals, companies may use nicotine/cotinine testing to evaluate prospective employees for tobacco use. Many health and life insurance companies test applicants for nicotine or cotinine as well.

Many of the new policies expand on smoke-free workplace rules. At Bon Secours Virginia Health System, more than 300 employees have kicked the habit since its campuses went smoke-free in 2009, says administrative director Kim Coleman.

The bottom line will benefit because health care costs for tobacco users are $3,000 to $4,000 more each year than for non-smokers, says Bon Secours’ Cindy Stutts. “There’s also an impact on productivity,” she says, because smokers take more breaks.


Each year, smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke causes 443,000 premature deaths and costs the nation $193 billion in health bills and lost productivity, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC says 19.3% of U.S. adults smoked last year, down from 42.4% in 1965.


Nicotine and cotinine can both be measured qualitatively or quantitatively. Quantitative testing can help distinguish between active smokers, tobacco users who have recently quit, non-tobacco-users who have been exposed to significant environmental tobacco smoke, and non-users who have not been exposed.

When a person has reported that he or she is using nicotine replacement products but is no longer smoking, nicotine, cotinine, and urine anabasine measurements may sometimes be ordered. Anabasine is present in tobacco but not in commercial nicotine replacement products. If a sample tests positive for anabasine, then the person is still using tobacco products.

USA Mobile can perform urine testing for nicotine as an addition to drug testing, or as a test by itself.  We can customize any urine tests for your needs.  Just contact us at

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