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Beware of what is really in your sports supplement. Ever hear of Jack3D or DMAA?

Workout supplements, fatigue management, weight loss.. DMAA is not only in Jack3d but many pre-workout supplements including Mesomorph, another common powder now being used as a fatigue management tool, much like Jack3d, in the workplace.

“A popular sports supplement has been banned from use in the UK after it was found to contain a toxic substance that can have lethal side effects.  Fitness fanatics should no longer use Jack3D because it contains the chemical DMAA which has been linked to the death of at least one man, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) said.

The MHRA has ruled that Jack3D is an unlicensed medicinal product and that all other products containing DMAA need to be removed from the market to protect public safety. DMAA, which is used as a workout aid or weight-loss supplement, has been linked to psychiatric disorders, heart attacks, strokes and even a death.

It has been linked to suspected adverse drug reactions across the world. A male mine worker died in Australia after taking DMAA which he purchased over the internet, an Australian coroner found.

MHRA’s medicines borderline section manager David Carter said: “People need to be aware when choosing their sports supplements. These products may claim to increase performance but contain powerful ingredients which can have serious side effects. “We recommend that people only use approved products and speak to a qualified medical practitioner if they have any concerns about any supplements they may be taking.”

DMAA is also on the list of substances banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency. 

“Athletes who use sports supplements need to choose reputable manufacturers who can justify their claims with scientific evidence, and have their products screened to minimise the risk of testing positive for a substance on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s prohibited list.”

Copyright © 2012 The Press Association. All rights reserved.  Read on for more from Australia:
Miner ‘naive’ about drugs Kate Campbell, The West Australian Updated August 3, 2012, 3:12 am
Workers who faced routine drug screening were resorting to buying a range of legal drugs for recreational use that were “most unsafe”, State Coroner Alastair Hope warned yesterday at an inquest into the death of a fly-in, fly-out worker.

Mr Hope was handing down his findings into the death of Busselton father-of-two, who died from a brain hemorrhage after mixing a stimulant, known as DMAA, into his beer in April last year at a workmate’s house. The coroner said Mr Dahlenburg, 41, had been “naive” about the toxic effects, dosage and purity of DMAA, which is found in diet and sports supplements and was developed as a nasal decongestant. Mr Hope concluded Mr Dahlenburg’s “tragic” death was caused by the substance.

DMAA was believed to produce amphetamine-like effects. The inquest was told medical experts knew little about the side effects of DMAA and people who ended up in hospital after taking the drug were unwittingly conducting human trials on themselves. Mr Hope said Mr Dahlenburg, who the inquest was told declined his friend’s offer to take him to hospital when he became sick, might have taken up to 40 times the recommended dose of the powder, which he bought over the internet.

And other in New Zealand


Adverse event reports (AERs) are building against the controversial stimulant dimethylamylamine/methylhexaneamine (DMAA/MHA), with a 21-year-old New Zealand man suffering a “cerebral haemorrhage” shortly after ingesting two DMAA-laced “party pills


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