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Bath salts addiction, the telltale signs

Remember that the bath salts we’re talking about right now are not the same bath salts you pour into your tub after a long day at work. Those are made from Epsom salts and scented oils; these are chemicals that mock the effects of cocaine, ecstasy, and other harmful drugs.

Some of the most common signs ofBath Salts addiction include:

    • Intense cravings
      • Some studies show that bath salts can trigger “meth-like” cravings in abusers. This is incredibly dangerous, and can lead to people doing unthinkable actions to fulfill their desires.
    • Increased heart rate or blood pressure
      • As stimulants, bath salts can cause dangerously high heart rates and blood pressures.
    • Suicidal thoughts or actions
      • One of the comedown effects of bath salts is an increase anxiety, depression, and negative psychological ways of thinking. Some scientists even say that bath salts diminish the sensation of pain, which makes it even easier for people to cause harm to themselves.
    • Delirium and paranoia
      • These effects go along with all of the others. Users tend to focus on the feelings of euphoria and pleasure the drug can evoke, but those psychological modifiers tend to turn into very negative behaviors that are one of the reasons why these drugs are so incredibly dangerous.
    • Insomnia
      • This side effect may also be linked to unusual amounts of energy and euphoria.
    • Aggression or violence
    • Resources:There are numerous cases of people abusing bath salts causing extreme harm to themselves and others, partially due to thehallucinations and paranoia they may feel while on the drug. Keep an eye out for people who are more prone to anger than before.
  • Hallucinations and psychosis
    • Not only do abusers of bath salts suffer form hallucinations, these visions and thoughts they experience often prompt incredibly violent physical reactions, including cannibalism, suicide, self-harm, and murder.
  • Fever
    • Bath salts can cause hyperthermia, which is an overheating of the body. These drugs prevent the body from regulating its own temperature, which is incredibly dangerous. You may notice your child or employee experiencing hot flashes or fever in addition to some of these other symptoms if they are using the drug. On the other hand, the inability to regulate body temperate can also result in the chills.
  • Weight loss
    • People who abuse bath salts may no longer feel a need to eat or maintain their body, and thus their weight may drop drastically.
  • Signs of drug use
    • These signs may include damage to the nose, track marks, packaging in the trash, pipes or syringes around their space, or even spending more time with a new, unusual group of friends or peers.
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