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Why do you need DNA Paternity Testing?

DNA Testing

A DNA test could be the single most important test your child ever takes because it’s critical in determining parental rights, child support and even immigration status.

Inaccurate results can create life-altering circumstances. That’s why you can’t afford to cut corners with a lower-quality test.

Think about it…inaccurate results can mean:

  • A father being denied the right to spend time with his child
  • A mother being denied the child support she deserves
  • A child being deported from the country they know and love

That’s why we only offer the industry’s most accurate test, and why we’re the DNA specialists that more doctors trust. Our results are 100% accurate and accredited by AABB, CAP, NYDOH, NFSTC and ISO.

Why DNA test?

There are many reasons someone might need a DNA test, such as:

  • Paternity testing
  • Child custody
  • Immigration rights
  • Social security benefits
  • Child support

How long does it take?

Results are available in 48 hours from receipt. The labs don’t work weekends and holidays, so add some extra time to avoid appointment’s. The samples get Fed Ex’d out for next day, so the longest case would be:  Friday test, Wednesday results.

We can get you a testing appointment some times the same day. We do need to speak with your doctor for a prescription, and some times that delays because of limited doctor office hours and ability to speak to staff. But we help you through it. We can arrange testing for out of state individuals, having all samples meet up at the lab.

Get the answer you need, quickly and accurately.  When you need to know call USA Mobile Testing at 516 802-3546

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