mobile drug testing long island

USA Mobile Drug Testing of Central Long Island 516-802-3546 Legal NYS DNA Paternity Testing

DNA Paternity Testing, it’s not a joke even with a van named Who’s your baby daddy

USA Mobile Drug Testing takes Paternity Testing very serious.  We disclose all of the fees, upfront, we don’t make you “sign on” only to add a few hundred dollars in extras, we are quiet, discreet, professional, and we help you maintain your dignity at this difficult time when you are unsure about your baby’s heritage.  We do not operate a funny van roaming around New York City and appearing on all the news channels, even with Rosanna Scotto making fun of the whole operation, some people will actually consider using this type of joke to obtain a test that can affect their family’s life.

Please contact USA Mobile Drug Testing at 516-802-3546 if you “need to know” and no one else will laugh at you while you walk into a funny van that has been on TV.  We have collectors available though out New York, including Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, and right on up-state.  Test with dignity, please.

What these funny guys on TV don’t tell you is, first, in New York you need your doctor to write a prescription for you to get legal tests. We help you obtain that prescription at no charge, by speaking to your doctor to explain what is needed. They add on $75 for a 20second phone consultation with some “doctor”, what happens when you have to bring this documentation to court???

The next major problem, is that they are only testing 2 people. While this can be done, it really is not the best way to test nor does it produce the best results.  The mother sort of grounds the test.  By testing baby and father only, you may get inclusive results thus requiring the lab to test more and more markers to get a true result. Each set of marker testing comes at a price, which Baby Daddy van does not tell you. This could be over $100 if you want a true legal, confirmed result.

We at USA Mobile, upfront, recommend 3 person testing at one set fee, for true results never resulting in extra fees for you. This comes straight from our laboratory scientists who have trained us in the correct way to conduct DNA testing.  We want to get you the results you need and we work with only true professionals at an accredited AABB lab allowed to do NYS testing, which comes with high standards and rules not present in other states.

While our name may be USA Mobile, we don’t have a funny van, that is not needed. We drive in our cars and meet you at a convenient location, like the baby’s home for testing. We also have some offices where you can come to us. All the testing is done at sterile certified labs, not in a comical van. And your results are legal, to withstand NYS regulations and any court action you may have.

Don’t let Paternity Testing in New York become a joke…for when “you need to know” call USA Mobile at 516-802-3546 and find out.

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