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How a Drug Testing Program Can Save Your Company Money? USAMDT tells you how..

Drug abuse by employees continue to be a serious issue in many workplaces, costing employers millions of dollars to cover the problems it causes. No employer wants to deal with the issues brought on by drug-abusing workers, but many wonder how to eliminate the problem. Drug testing is the best solution to the problems of these employers, saving money and protecting a company’s image from being tarnished by bad employees.

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Employees who use drugs are much more likely to call in sick, slowing productivity and ruining the morale of more dedicated workers. When they do arrive to work, they often fail to perform their job to acceptable standards. This series of events can cascade into diminished expectations that are undoubtedly apparent to all the employees who may, in turn, decrease their own performance. Eventually this can destroy a company from the inside out. You can see why drug testing is essential to any company intent on sustainability and growth.

Workplace injuries cost employers money by causing raised insurance premium in response to their claims. Drugged or hungover employees, with their reduced reaction times and frequent carelessness, are injured far more than sober employees. They tend to file more claims, as well. Employers can save money that would have gone to raised premiums by avoiding these problem workers in the first place. Pre-employment drug screening catches many of them, but random testing is even more effective at maintaining a workplace full of productive, alert employees who don’t present such a risk to employers’ pockets.

When a company makes new hires, there is plenty of careful analysis of each prospective employee to make sure bad workers are not mistakenly hired. However, some of these applicants hide dirty secrets involving substance abuse, and could end up being a serious liability to the company in the future.

 Pre-employment drug screening is very effective at weeding out these individuals, adding another layer of scrutiny to the hiring process and ensuring employment of only the best workers. Job interviews may be sufficient to rule out some of the more obvious drug-abusers, but requiring a test before hiring can save the company lots of money over the long run when the more discrete drug-abusers are taken out of the equation. Their behavioral instability could, over time, end up being a huge source of stress for management and co-workers and finally end up costing the company big-time in lost revenue if not detected early enough.

Maintaining a positive image in the marketplace is essential for a business to survive. If you spend precious time and money developing and promoting your brand, you will want your hiring decisions to be a continuum of the same level of conscientiousness. The careless or malicious actions of bad employees are one way your company’s image can be ruined, and drugged employees are among the worst when it comes to behavioral problems. Your customers may currently view your company as competent and reliable, but an unruly new employee with a drug habit could drive clients away and influence the formation of a new image of your company as unreliable and incompetent in the eyes of everyone your company depends on for revenue. These workers are easily detected through drug-tests and removed from the hiring pool, avoiding big problems for your company down the road.

Mobile drug testing represents huge benefits to employers in terms of time and money saved getting employees tested. Sending employees to a lab to take their drug test expends far more time and may require keeping employees on the clock for the time spent. is the leader in the revolutionary field of mobile drug testing. We can visit your workplace and provide onsite drug and alcohol testing and consulting, making the entire process simple and stress-free. Our testing procedures prevent drug users from fooling the tests with the numerous products sold for the purpose. The results of our service are lower insurance premiums, lower rates of absenteeism and tardiness, better productivity, and heightened morale among employees who can be assured that they will not have to pick up slack from co-workers who use drugs.

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