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How a Drug Testing Program Can Save Your Company Money? USAMDT tells you how..

Drug abuse by employees continue to be a serious issue in many workplaces, costing employers millions of dollars to cover the problems it causes. No employer wants to deal with the issues brought on by drug-abusing workers, but many wonder how to eliminate the problem. Drug testing is the best solution to the problems of these employers, saving money and protecting a company’s image from being tarnished by bad employees.

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Employees who use drugs are much more likely to call in sick, slowing productivity and ruining the morale of more dedicated workers. When they do arrive to work, they often fail to perform their job to acceptable standards. This series of events can cascade into diminished expectations that are undoubtedly apparent to all the employees who may, in turn, decrease their own performance. Eventually this can destroy a company from the inside out. You can see why drug testing is essential to any company intent on sustainability and growth.

Workplace injuries cost employers money by causing raised insurance premium in response to their claims. Drugged or hungover employees, with their reduced reaction times and frequent carelessness, are injured far more than sober employees. They tend to file more claims, as well. Employers can save money that would have gone to raised premiums by avoiding these problem workers in the first place. Pre-employment drug screening catches many of them, but random testing is even more effective at maintaining a workplace full of productive, alert employees who don’t present such a risk to employers’ pockets.

When a company makes new hires, there is plenty of careful analysis of each prospective employee to make sure bad workers are not mistakenly hired. However, some of these applicants hide dirty secrets involving substance abuse, and could end up being a serious liability to the company in the future.

 Pre-employment drug screening is very effective at weeding out these individuals, adding another layer of scrutiny to the hiring process and ensuring employment of only the best workers. Job interviews may be sufficient to rule out some of the more obvious drug-abusers, but requiring a test before hiring can save the company lots of money over the long run when the more discrete drug-abusers are taken out of the equation. Their behavioral instability could, over time, end up being a huge source of stress for management and co-workers and finally end up costing the company big-time in lost revenue if not detected early enough.

Maintaining a positive image in the marketplace is essential for a business to survive. If you spend precious time and money developing and promoting your brand, you will want your hiring decisions to be a continuum of the same level of conscientiousness. The careless or malicious actions of bad employees are one way your company’s image can be ruined, and drugged employees are among the worst when it comes to behavioral problems. Your customers may currently view your company as competent and reliable, but an unruly new employee with a drug habit could drive clients away and influence the formation of a new image of your company as unreliable and incompetent in the eyes of everyone your company depends on for revenue. These workers are easily detected through drug-tests and removed from the hiring pool, avoiding big problems for your company down the road.

Mobile drug testing represents huge benefits to employers in terms of time and money saved getting employees tested. Sending employees to a lab to take their drug test expends far more time and may require keeping employees on the clock for the time spent. is the leader in the revolutionary field of mobile drug testing. We can visit your workplace and provide onsite drug and alcohol testing and consulting, making the entire process simple and stress-free. Our testing procedures prevent drug users from fooling the tests with the numerous products sold for the purpose. The results of our service are lower insurance premiums, lower rates of absenteeism and tardiness, better productivity, and heightened morale among employees who can be assured that they will not have to pick up slack from co-workers who use drugs.


A change in the formula of the highly abused painkiller OxyContin has led to an unexpected – and dangerous – shift to heroin among drug abusers, according to new research.

In the past, OxyContin was designed to be released into the body’s system slowly, over the course of many hours, meaning each pill contained a large reservoir of oxycodone.  Drug users soon discovered by crushing the pills and inhaling them, or dissolving the pills in water and injecting them, they could bypass the slow-release mechanism and get an immediate ‘high.’

“This essentially initiated a huge epidemic of prescription drug abuse of opioids, in particular, that we’ve seen over past few years,” said principal investigator Dr. Theodore Cicero, who is a professor of psychiatry at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Mo.

But in 2010, Purdue Pharma, which manufactures OxyContin, changed the formula of the opioid drug to make it more difficult to crush and much slower to dissolve, which appears to have made the drug less attractive to users, according Cicero and his colleagues.

The researchers surveyed more than 2,500 patients from 150 treatment centers across the U.S. and found that while the new formula has successfully stopped many users from abusing OxyContin, they aren’t abandoning drugs entirely.  A significant percentage of former OxyContin users are instead turning to harder drugs, such as heroin and other, stronger opioids.

According to the survey results, the number of people who report OxyContin as their primary drug of abuse has dropped from 35.6 percent of respondents before the new formula was released, to 12.8 percent after.  

In addition, the percentage of people who reported using OxyContin to get high “in the past 30 days at least once” fell from 47.4 percent to 30 percent. During the same time period, the percentage of people who reported using heroin nearly doubled.

“The use of OxyContin has dropped precipitously, but none of us anticipated that people who were addicted to oxycodone would leave it and select another drug to take its place,” Cicero said.  “The thing about drug abuse is it’s like a big balloon – when you poke it in one place, it pushes out somewhere else.”

While there is reason to celebrate the new formula, which is the first abuse-deterrent formula proven to be successful, Cicero said the corresponding increases in heroin and other opioid abuse are worrisome and need to be addressed.

“People are going from an essentially safe medication with known, specified doses to a powder that their dealer is telling them is heroin,” Cicero said.  “There’s no way to know if that’s true, and the purity is uncertain [because heroin can be cut with other substances]. People who are switching suddenly aren’t sure what they’re getting, and overdose is likely to occur.  I think it will happen more often with heroin now.”

‘Heroin logical next choice’

According to Cicero, people are likely making the jump from OxyContin to the harder street drug because in certain ways, heroin is a similar equivalent.

“Heroin is also snorted and used intravenously — and easily available and cheap — so it’s a logical choice,” Cicero said.

Because the study is preliminary, there is no exact percentages yet on how many people make the switch from OxyContin to heroin or other drugs, nor specific data showing which demographic is most likely to do so.  Nevertheless, Cicero said the research should spur more governmental programs and research aimed at preventing drug abuse in general.

“This needs to be in public discussion because we need to come to grips that we’re dealing with a much larger problem than we have in the past,” Cicero said.  “On a national policy level, the government should be funding more treatment programs, but more importantly focusing on research to find [improved] intervention/prevention techniques.”

The study was published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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Drug Testing Index reflects a continuation of the national trend toward increased utilization of narcotics and pain medications.

USA Mobile Drug Testing reports that Quest studies “suggest that substance abuse – which includes drugs and alcohol – costs the United States an estimated $276 billion a year, with much of the cost resulting from lost work productivity and increased healthcare spending. The human cost of substance abuse is much higher, especially when coupled with safety-sensitive jobs that present a risk to public safety. Drug testing can be a valuable tool for some employers to create professional, safe workplaces, especially when coupled with education, prevention, and referral and treatment programs.”

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The number of adults and teenagers using THC (organic marijuana and K2/Spice synthetics) appears to be expanding.

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The MEDTOX Journal has reported on a succession of scientific reports related to short-term and long-term cognitive effects associated with the use of cannabis. It has been established that cannabis use impairs motivation and executive function; it has also been tied to the lowering of thresholds associated with psychotic symptoms. The relationship of cannabis use and the etiology of schizophrenia is currently the subject of scientific examination. Recently published research in the Journal of Biological Psychiatry explores the impacts that cannabis use has on working memory.[1]


The authors of this study treated 17 healthy subjects with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or a placebo who then took tests of working memory that involved an exercise of using short-term memory storage and manipulation of memory. The participants then underwent functional MRI imaging. In the patients receiving placebo, there was evidence of increased and progressive activity in the areas of the brain that are associated with working memory, especially the components that make up the prefrontal cortex. For the participants receiving THC, the effects were the reverse. THC significantly retarded the activity in the prefrontal cortex. The THC-treated patients also exhibited lengthened reaction time and degraded accuracy of recall, all exhibitive of impairment in the prefrontal cortex area. In all, the THC-impaired patients exhibited clear signs of decline in the quality of working memory.   

The mounting evidence that marijuana use has serious neuroanatomical consequences must become part of all public service announcements and drug prevention literature. The advent of synthetic cannabinoids makes this situation all the more dangerous as the number of adults and teenagers using THC (organic marijuana and K2/Spice synthetics) appears to be expanding. Based on the societal experience with marijuana to date, it is reasonable to expect that the impacts of synthetic cannabinoids on the brain are decidedly deleterious.


[1] Bossong MG et al. Effects of ^9-tetrahydrocannabinol in human working memory function. Biol Psychiatry 2012 Apr 15; 71:693-699.

Bath Salts now Illegal per President Obama in NYC and the USA

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The synthetic drug “bath salts” are now recognized as illegal substances under federal law.

President Barack Obama signed into law new legislation sponsored by U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer that will permanently ban the deadly chemical compounds marketed and sold as bath salts and incense in New York and the rest of the United States.

Schumer has fought to include three bills relating to bath salts, synthetic marijuana and synthetic hallucinogens as part of the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act. Schumer and his colleagues were able to pass this ban over the strenuous objections of Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky.

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