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Parents are a key part of the fight against the emerging threat of synthetic drugs & Bath Salts

“Synthetic drugs like ‘Spice,’ ‘K2,’ and ‘bath salts’ are a serious threat to the health and safety of young people throughout America.  Parents and adult influencers must understand the serious threat these drugs pose and act today to talk to teens about the serious health and safety consequences of drug use – in whichever form it may come.”

The Partnership at introduced a new information kit for parents and adult influencers, which contains tools to help them talk with teens about synthetic drugs, and how to recognize the warning signs of use. The kit includes a slidecast  about these drugs and provides information on what to look for, their street names, and what their effects are.

The kit is available at The Partnership at website and is part of a “Parents360″ community education program funded by the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance.

USA Mobile Drug Testing of Central Long Island tries to keep the public informed by posting up to date informational articles on their facebook page to assist all. USAMDT can also help parents to obtain drug tests for their children when they feel it is warranted as we have a relationship with these laboratories doing designer drug, synthetic drug & bath salt testing. Call 516-802-3546 for more information. 

“Bath Salt” Drug Test Panel Expanded to Detect Seven New Compounds

Breaking news on the war against drug abuse:  Redwood Toxicology Laboratory (the government services division and one of the nation’s largest drug and alcohol testing laboratories)  now offers an expanded urine drug test for 21 designer stimulants, commonly referred to as “bath salts.” The panel, which originally covered 14 chemicals, now detects seven newer-generation compounds.

 ImageHealth and regulatory agencies face numerous challenges with these ever-changing designer drugs. Although the federal government enacted an emergency ban on three designer stimulants in late 2011, newer active ingredients continue to surface. The ban is effective, but manufacturers immediately respond by altering the active ingredients, the most prevalent are pentadrone and α-PVP, which were identified in 92% and 41% of the respective positive samples.  According to the National Conference on State Legislatures, 12 states have already banned one or more of these next-generation drugs, and a federal ban is likely to follow.

Abuse of designer stimulants, marketed as bath salt products, remains pervasive, as they are easy to obtain, often produced with legal ingredients, and go undetected by standard urine testing. These drugs reportedly possess the worst characteristics of LSD, PCP, MDMA, cocaine, and methamphetamine, and often require users to seek immediate medical help. In 2011 alone, the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) received an alarming 6,138 calls related to designer stimulant ingestion.

A pioneer in establishing testing for designer drugs, Redwood understands that the analysis of synthetic stimulants is a moving target, principally because nefarious “drug chemists” continue to develop new substances that circumvent federal regulation. By analyzing thousands of urine specimens and monitoring changes in drug positivity rates, RTL can verify the extensive manufacture and use of newer synthetic cathinone chemicals. This research, in fact, led to the addition of the seven new substances on RTL’s designer stimulant panel.

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