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USA Mobile Drug Testing informs you of the desginer drug trends, K2 Spice EightBallz

If you are having a hard time keeping up with the changing trends and the variety of products associated with designer drug use, you are not alone so USAMDT passes along this very informative article from Medtox. If you need any drug testing for personal or business needs email

This market is in a state of flux and, as a result, there has been a flurry of new products that have arrived on the scene. In fact, “glass cleaner” and “novelty powders” have now joined bath salts and incense (K2/Spice) as agents for an alternative drug high. Of concern is the emergence of a product called Eight BallZ. The manufacturer’s choice of the product name is a play on the street slang used by dealers to describe an eighth of an ounce of cocaine; dealers call that product an “8 ball.” With that in mind, readers can surely surmise what this product is about. Like most of its bath salt cousins, this “glass cleaner” is a stimulant. User comments are quite consistent on this point. Eight BallZ energizes the central nervous system and causes a state of euphoria that is reminiscent of cocaine. User experiences seem to vary according to the dose of “glass cleaner” taken. It appears that the higher the dose of the product, the more edgy the experience. The drug is usually snorted or “bumped.” There are scattered reports of users who have injected the powders or “stuffed” them rectally.


On the streets, Eight BallZ is one of the more popular alternatives to Ivory Wave (known on the street as “I-V”). Ivory Wave is perhaps the best known of the original bath salts products. Whatever the name of the product, bath salts all share some common markings and language. There are two caveats that are found with nearly every one of these products: “Not intended for human consumption” and “Not to be sold to people under 18 years of age.” But these products have historically been an ever-changing set of formulas and ingredients. And with the enactment of federal law banning the original recipes that featured MDPV and mephedrone, formulas have been in a constant state of flux as they mix and match banned and non-banned powders to create their unique batch.


New salts and cleaner products loudly proclaim their “50 State Legal” status. But it is unclear whether any of those claims are true. Some of these purportedly legal products have been spiked with MDPV; others have contained drugs from the phenethylamine family of psychedelic stimulants. Others yet have contained legal stimulants found in diet pills and aphrodisiacs. In fact, one caller to the MEDTOX DAR Hotline, an addiction counselor, said that a client of his swore that the bath salt he had recently snorted was nothing more than crushed up Viagra. (The client evidently had prior experience with Viagra.) Perhaps this bath salt user is correct though. Many “glass cleaner” users boast of the aphrodisiac power of the powder. Recent reports have purported that many contemporary salts and cleaners contain a legal stimulant called methylhexaneamine. The Journal has reported on this substance in the past. Its effects are amphetamine-like, at higher doses it purports to have aphrodisiac powers.


Readers should keep an eye out for other salt or cleaner products with names such as “Fine China,” “White Girl,” “Sextacy” and “Drone IV.” At present, the best way to drug test for the use of these products is to contract with a SAMHSA certified laboratory that provides select forensic designer drug screening systems. Sales representatives will be able to guide you through the process of selecting the testing protocol that is best for you. Readers should remember that K2 & Spice products are still out in the marketplace and are widely abused. Synthetic cannabinoid use continues to be a popular alternative to the smoking of marijuana.

Medtox Journal on Drug Abuse Recognition
March  2012

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