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Bath Salts: Important warnings for parents

“Bath salts” can be comprised of different unregulated chemical substances and are being sold under a variety of names or brands. Both the law enforcement community and medical professionals indicate that “bath salts” are becoming increasingly popular due to the perception that they pose a seemingly safer alternative to illegal methods of getting “high” and can easily be obtained.

 The following is a sample of designer “bath salt” products: associated with unregulated psychoactive substances that are potentially harmful: STREET NAMES

Sextacy, Purple Rain, VanillaSky, Groom, Charge, Pure Ivory, Purple Rain, Ocean Burst, Ivory Wave, Whack, Hurricane Charle, Crush, Bolivian Bath, Fly, White Rain.

Suspected as being produced as legal substitutes for ecstasy, cocaine, and amphetamines, “bath salts” are powerful stimulant drugsthat are suspected to have been designed to avoid legal prosecution, and are commonly available on the Internet, specialty “smoke” shops, and convenience stores.

“Bath salt” products are known to produce certain side effects, some of which are quite severe. The following is the list of milder, short-term side effects associated with consumption of this drug as reported by medical personnel:

Agitation  -Diminished requirement for sleep   -Increased alertness and awareness  -Lack of appetite

Nosebleeds  -Fits and delusions –


More serious side effects associated with these drugs reportedly include: Muscle spasms -Blood circulation problems, including increased blood pressure -Kidney failure -Seizures -Risk of renal failure -Hallucinations -Aggression -Severe paranoia -Panic attacks -Sharp increase in body temperature –

The drug also increases anxiety, causes prolonged panic attacks,

constricts blood vessels, suppresses hunger and causes insomnia and sweating.


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