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DOT requires drug testing, but bank tellers could be abusers and who knows who else??

USA Mobile Drug Testing recommends EVERY company operate a drug free workplace, you cannot predict who is abusing and what damage they can cause your company and your about the bank teller:

Accused Embezzler Jailed Over Phony Urine Sample

A 26 year old Massena woman has been jailed without bail after she allegedly tried, not once, but twice, to substitute a different urine sample in a court directed drug test.

Ashley Ayotte was to have been sentenced on grand larceny charges for embezzling more than $23,000 from SeaComm Federal Credit Union over a six month period from December 2009 to June 2010.

Ayotte admitted taking the money from members’ accounts to feed a drug habit.

St. Lawrence County Probation officials say while Ayotte was being drug tested, she allegedly attempted to use a pill bottle with a urine sample to alter the results – not once but twice.

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