mobile drug testing long island

USA Mobile Drug Testing of Central Long Island 516-802-3546 Legal NYS DNA Paternity Testing

Drug Detetection by Breath awaits FDA & Dot approval, discreet, non-invasive,no adulteration & convenient

Check out this new discreet drug testing product awaiting FDA approval for use in the USA. Sounds so much better than urine for both ease of collection and non-ability to adulterate!! This tecnology and device will be used at Karolinska Hospital and then they will have more publications available.

Until now, drug testing has been a complicated, lengthy and intrusive process: urine samples that have to be collected under surveillance; blood tests that have to be taken by trained medical staff; less accurate saliva or sweat tests.

SensAbues offers:

  • Rapid sampling on site
  • Breath test difficult to adulterate
  • Mass spectrometry for legally defendable results

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