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DOT has a history of huge fines and shutting you down for drug testing non compliance

The Department of Transportation can impose fines up to $10,000 on employers who are not in compliance with the DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing rules and regulations (49 CFR Part 40).  In 2010,109 commercial bus and truck drivers were removed from the roads and more than 175 carriers faced enforcement actions as a result of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s annual drug and alcohol strike force sweep that occurred from June 21 through July 2.

May 2011 – 3,000 surprise passenger carrier safety inspections over a two-week period in May that resulted in 442 unsafe buses or drivers being removed from the nation’s roadways.  Over the past five years, FMCSA has doubled the number of unannounced bus safety inspections and comprehensive safety reviews of the nation’s estimated 4,000 passenger bus companies.

A small two driver company in NY was fined $3,400.00 for not having her husband in the random drug and alcohol testing pool.  The husband, a retired Teamster, was only used on a few occasions when a full time driver called in sick.  The husband had only driven within a few miles of the company terminal.

A 10-driver NY company was found not to have all its employees in the companies’ random drug and alcohol testing pool.  The carrier was fined $4,800.00 for this violation alone.  There were other violations discovered during this review that the company was also fined for.

A PA building contractor was found by the US DOT to have drug and alcohol testing violations.  The carrier paid a $19,190 fine.

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