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Is your Department of Transportation Drug & Alcohol testing compliant?

Is Your DOT Drug Testing Program Compliant?

 USA Mobile Drug TestingCompliance Consultants are out in the field helping employers make sure that their required Department of Transportation (DOT) drug and alcohol testing programs are in compliance with Federal regulations.  Employers that are regulated by DOT must ensure that service agents used meet the requirements of the regulations. Recently, DOT again emphasized that many collectors and collection sites continue to make mistakes and errors during the collection process. 

Employers – you should be monitoring the collection facilities or collectors that you hire to make sure they are performing collections correctly and not making the errors .  It is an employer’s responsibility to make sure that the process is in compliance.  Ask your collectors about their training and about their procedures.  Many collectors have not received the five year refresher training required by DOT.

Clients of USA Mobile Drug Testing can be assured that their collections are done properly in complete compliance with all Federal, State and DOT regulations.  USAMDT Compliance Consultants meet the highest standards in the industry with over 120 hours of training completed prior to opening their territory. All collectors utilized by USA Mobile Drug Testing have met all of the DOT qualifications for training and proficiency.  Remember that USA Mobile Drug Testing Compliance Consultants always come to your location to administer all testing and make it compliant, simple, quick and cost-efficient for you.

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