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Dragonfly: The Deadly New Legal Drug on the Market Hear Dr. Oz report

From Dr. Oz’s website some enlightening information!!
The Internet has made it incredibly easy for anyone to buy designer drugs, including Dragonfly, a dangerous and deadly hallucinogen. Extremely potent, even a minor overdose of Dragonfly can be disastrous – and it’s creeping into our homes and schools at an alarming rate. Learn what you can do to protect your family.
Synthetic or designer drugs have been around for some time now, but they have been surging in popularity in the US over the past decade. There’s synthetic marijuana, synthetic amphetamines (i.e., Bath Salts), and an ever-growing list of synthetic hallucinogens, including Dragonfly, all easily available online for any half-determined individual.

Despite the rash of synthetic-drug-related headlines in the past year, I find many parents and adolescents still feel these issues don’t pertain to them. These problems are often imagined to exist in seedier parts of cities, not in our neighborhoods and certainly not in our homes. Gauging current trends, however, there are plenty of reasons for every family to become aware. I hope the information below helps some families out there from suffering a preventable tragedy. ……
One of the points I failed to mention on the show (due to time constraints) was the importance of getting help. All of us are blinded by the love we have for our children and no one is consistently an objective observer of themselves and their families. If you have any concerns, pediatricians, mental health professionals, substance abuse counselors, and school resources can all point the way to effective screening and evaluation.
Bromo Dragonfly will not be the last drug to make headlines, but it does represent some new trends in drug use. The Internet’s role in drug use, easy accessibility, and murky legalities are all now a reality for many families. It’s up to parents, teachers and health-care professionals to protect our loved ones through education and prevention.
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