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USA Mobile Drug Testing can work with your company regardless of size

How can USA Mobile Drug Testing help you??
Jeff Sardisco, COO of the Tampa-based USA Mobile Drug Testing, explains that firms underestimate the drag on efficiency that is bred by drug users in an office. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates firms lose $81 billion annually in productivity from employees who abuse drugs.

But the loss of productivity from drug abuse is just as costly as the traditional method of drug testing, he says. “An employee has to drive two hours round-trip to a lab to get tested,” he says, “and maybe he makes a stop to pick up something to alter the test.”

Sardisco further pitches the upside of mobility by citing consequences of a workers’ compensation claim. “What if on the drive to the lab he gets into an accident,” he asks. “Then you’ve got a costly workers’ comp claim on your hands.”

So USA Mobile drug testing handles all the elements of drug testing. One of its representatives administers the test, takes it to a testing facility, and notifies the employer. USA Mobile even provides contacts for treatment of a revealed drug user. “We don’t want an employee to get fired,” Sardisco says. “We want them to get help.”

This education in inefficiency is the means by which USA Mobile has grown so rapidly. “Once HR departments see how much they stand to lose, they hire us,” Sardisco says. “When they see one of our [mailers] with a picture of a guy doing coke and a surprising statistic, it gets them thinking,” he says.

Looking to its future pool of clients, Sardisco says national firms have more to lose than smaller local ones. By creating a single brand that has a nationwide presence, USA Mobile can cater to larger firms that want one company handling its drug detection. Says Sardisco: “If you were an accountant at AMEX would you want to look over 76 invoices for something as trivial as drug testing?”

One company to fit all your needs. USAMDT can service a nationwide company or the Mom & Pop in town.

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